Monday, October 3, 2016

Nurturing Moon Day!

Monday is named after Moon Day. On Mondays, the frequency of the Moon shines a bright influence over the way we experience the day. 

The Moon influences the water element and the tides. Since we we are more than seventy percent water, we can also experience the Moon’s influence with waves of emotions surfacing during the day. 

On Mondays, we can be more emotionally overall and more sensitive in general, wanting to be nurtured by others or feel compelled to be nurturing. MoonDays also come with a list of tasks: getting the kids out of bed and ready to school, and rushing to work but not before getting the house put back to order after a busy weekend, etc. Then we try to get a load of work done on this day that is already emotionally charged. No wonder we can feel burdened and unhappy before the day even starts. 

To feel good on MoonDays, honor yourself and your emotions. Honor your mother, who is the Moon. Take time to nurture your Self, your Heart, Soul, and Body. 

If you want to know more about where your Moon is placed in your chart and how it can push some of your emotional buttons, please make an appointment for a consultation when you feel ready for the next step:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Welcome to Metatron Astrology

Hello, Hola, Bom Dia, Queridos Amigos y Amigas de 
Metatron Astroloy!

My name is Maria Elena and I recently returned from my first trip to Alaska where the ice and glaciers are melting faster than I can write and reach more people. It is never too late to make changes, to make a difference. 

Many like-minded people strongly believe the more we shift into heart -consciousness and step out of our minds, we can better create our own magic carpet  the path of life that runs with ease and grace through our unique and special journeys.

The Cosmos, with the help of Metatron, has ways of pointing us towards our life's path as found in Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes). This head of the dragon (Rahu) and its rambunctious tail (Ketu) guides us through our life's book with the touch of transformation. 

As we all spin inside a large hat of stars, important forces in the sky come into alignment. The alignments of the head of the dragon can indicate many strong events to pay attention to. It can also show us periods of tension, illness, trips, transitions, change of job or location, or periods of great powers to go and initiate great and deep changes in one's life.

When we understand that events are temporal, that they will end in a matter of time, and that it is our perception of going from a time of horrendous torments into a space of limbo, then we have the opportunity to travel through time in awe. In awe, Metatron shows us through synchronicity that the transformation and everything we went through was to create a bigger and better geometric shape or pattern for your life.

When we embrace chaos as necessary then we can accept limbo as a time just before the magic of surprises arise. And why spoil the surprise? We can then relax and trust that we are not mad or believe that certain circumstance will last forever. We can use these alignments and the energies that are strengthening us in more productive ways. Nothing last forever except the apparent chaos in change.

When I speak of the term forces, I mean frequencies or vibrations of energy that are expressed through all the visible and invisible forces. The Music of the Spheres is the Cosmos vibrating its song into all She creates, including inside of each of us. Words and thoughts are frequencies. The planets also have their own unique frequencies and as such their vibration affects other frequencies in the same way Monarch butterfly wings ripple in the forest of Mexico (Valle de Bravo) are felt all the way to Alaska.

The way Everything communicates is through Metatron, the messenger between the Heavens and Earth, communicator of the Heart, ruler of Virgo, accentuated by the colors green and violet. 

What ancients Sumarian, Egyptians, Mayans, and many of our ancestors knew is that everything is cyclic in life. Everything is spinning like a spiral staircase. Learning about our own cycles, beginnings and endings, can help us better understand life processes such as issues with: relationships, grief, health challenges, birth and rebirth, Soul's Path, career, loss or gain of finances and investments, and help us grow through these issues with grace and ease, taking in the learning experience that we came here to see and face, then transform these challenges so we can keep spiraling effortlessly with the winds of the Creator.

Vedic Astroloy combined with the wisdom of Metatron and the practice of natural healing medicine, can help you gain clarity into the archetypal patterns activated at your time of birth, and help you discover the true motivations of these problems for personal growth at all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. These are what I call The Four Pillars of Health. 

Experience the possibility of change in a profound manner with ease and grace. Learn the deeper truths about yourself and how you can be guided by the wisdom of Metatron - Your Heart. 

In combination with your Medical Vedic Astrology Chart, I can also include the powerful heart process known as Scalar Heart Connection (developed by Stephen Linsteadt), which can help you shift out of the old and limiting patterns identified in your chart. 

Scalar Heart Connection is a simple process for identifying what is holding you back from realizing your full potential and unique gifts. Website: